Fees for 2021-2022

Payment of fees is monthly due on the 1st of each month from September to June (10 payments in total). You can set up monthly payments online or set up a Standing Order through your bank or building society. There will be a charge for late payments (after 7th of the month).

Exceptions: New students may pay weekly for the first three weeks.

½ hour - £5.20 - (£20.80 monthly)
¾ hour - £7.00 - (£28 monthly)
1 hour - £8.80 - (£35.20 monthly)
1¼ hours - £10.40 - (£41.60 monthly)
1½ hours - £12.00 - (£48 monthly)
1¾ hours - £13.60 - (£54.40 monthly)
2 hours - £15.20 - (£60.80 monthly)

Prices available for pupils doing more than 2 hours a week, please ask for details.

Fees for classes are calculated on a weekly, accumulated time basis (i.e. children taking more than one class receive a significant discount) for example:  

2 x 45min classes = £12.00 (£5.00 for 2nd class)
2 x 1hr classes = £15.20 (£6.40 for 2nd class)
(This applies to each individual student and not families)

There are no refunds for missed classes whether through illness or known family commitments. Please refer to ‘Terms & Conditions’ for pupils wishing to leave before the end of the academic year.

Cumbria Ballet School bank details:

Cumberland Building Society Account Name: Cumbria Dance

Sort code: 16-52-21

Account no: 54257832

Use pupil’s name as the reference.

Please note that cheques are no longer accepted.