Terms & Conditions

1. Payments and fees

1.1 Fees must be paid online or by Standing Order and are due on 1st of each month from September to June (10 payments).

1.2 There will be a charge for late payments (after 7th of the month).

1.3 Fees are reviewed annually in September.

1.4  For other payments such as uniform or exam fees online payments are preferred but if paying in cash please put it in an envelope with the student’s name on. Please note that cheques are no longer accepted.

1.5  Fees must be paid up to date before a pupil is entered for exams, uniform ordered or performances booked.

2. Leaving

2.1 The Principal of the school requires a minimum of 1 month’s written notice if a student wishes to leave Cumbria Ballet (or to drop a class) the exact notice period will depend when notice is given (to clarify - if notice is given on any date in October then the 1st November payment is still due). No refunds will be given.

3. Clothing

3.1 Correct uniform must be worn at every session (not compulsory for First Steps classes). Uniform and ballet shoes are to be purchased from Cumbria Ballet School.

3.2 No jewellery, watches or accessories to be worn to class for safety reasons.

3.3 Hair must be neatly tied back for all classes and in a bun from Grade One ballet upwards.

4. Classes

4.1 We advise that your child does not bring any valuables (i.e. phones, jewellery etc.) with them to class. Cumbria Ballet School does not accept any liability for lost or damaged belongings.

4.2 Regular attendance is expected. Please inform us of any absences.